Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Week two here working at the balance between keeping informed about this virus and not getting too obsessed at it to the point I can't think of anything else from noon to dusk.

There seems to be in general two types of behaviour going on with those who are attempting to try to follow the 'social distancing' guidelines such as maintaining a two metre distance between you and an other regardless of age, not travelling unless it is essential especially on public transport, cutting out contact where possible with the most vulnerable groups and so on.

Then there's those people who were extremely close to each other in parks, beaches and even mountains this weekend when not stocking up from the off licence and having drinks parties at home seemingly ignorant of exactly why our pubs and clubs were shut on Friday - that close social contact - and recreating it!

Words fail me as they did many medical experts who roundly condemned it for the irresponsible nature not only putting themselves at risk but others through transmission elsewhere.  That's partly why we're on 'soft' lockdown now.

As someone who is Vulnerable officially (cerebral palsy and learning disabilities do count) I am trying to keep to those rules for everyone's well-being during this emergency not just mine  and there is some talk of further restrictions if this doesn't change in a day or two and it being enforced.

Perhaps some one with authority giving the malcontents a darn fine spanking might just get the so and so's to quit this behaviour?

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