Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Last spanking week

This week will be the last full week of any spanking content on Tumblr  as after next Monday, blogs will be set to account holder only viewing and not rebloggable and no new spanking or other "nsfw" blogs will be permitted.
Equally even the tag spanking will not be accept.
So in way looking at some site this week has very much like taking a look around your town before swathes of are demolished and rebuilt.
For me this thing was a part of what was then suitable for badly behaving children that formed very much a part of your own childhood not coming from a bdsm or otherwise kink place so in some respects I feel it's miscategorized even if much commercial spanking art is from a kink setting and is.
To a point while on one tumblr it was only a tiny explanational part explaining how for me spanking comes into age regression being in the headspace an attitudes of the era I was that in, that does impact on my ability to just say how and what I am.

In that respect  feel I Tumblr is censoring me although I was and remain a fan of the opt in for access to flagged as "adult content"  system before the upcoming changes came in simply because it prevents  me from talking both past life as a child who was spanked and spanking in my life as an adult but child individual.
For me that image above is just my life then as now and while it may not be talkable at Tumblr anymore it will be here.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tumblring down the pan

A classic cartoon strip many of us can relate to that I saved while having to adjust my Tumblr due to the upcoming ban on *any* and *all* nsfw or adult material regardless of context.
I mean it's so silly that even a  tag like "trans" can get a post flagged up now like transexual people are just about wild sex so not in front of the children rather than about being the gender you feel.
Actually spanking content isn't being flagged right now although that will go soon enough however thanks to the automatic algorithm the dear residents of Moomin Valley, the people talking about chronic pain  from conditions like MS and fibromyalgia are.
"Beware of unintended consequences" was something that was drummed into us and yet this blanket ban is leading to approaches that clearly make no sense, only likely to drive away the most creative and thoughtful people off the site leaving it fot the millionth reblog of Grumpy Cat.
Why would you create fresh material to have it flagged and have to appeal it or risk just have your tumblr wiped by a glaring false positive?
Tumblr's CEO said this would make for a better positive experience for users, all I know is how emotionally triggering this is.
He lied and needs a spanking!

*Because of, this will no longer have posted links at Tumblr and I've had to remove .

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Today as I write this ready for publication I am taking advantage of LilJennies being away meaning Sunday's Furry Story time isn't happening this week to get on with some work.
One thing I think is worth talking over again is what we call Laziness as it effects us and the people we live and work replete with the struggles  in overcoming it.
It's a good idea to know what it is we are talking about here and the OED definition is "the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness" which suggests this isn't a physiological thing such that arise from low self-esteem or depression but more an attitude to avoid or do the least work possible.
I think it's important both as the person who is exhibiting the behaviour and also for the one who is helping you with it to know the difference between "can't" and won't".
Some start points for a won't is the belief that it is someone elses responsibility  to undertake a task such as organize an event we wish to participate in or having notice that say a person has left some litter that we shug our shoulders as if to say "I don't do it, why should I clean this up?" when we are capable of doing it and keeping the area tidy is everybody's responsibility.
For some this began and ended by end of childhood and yet we see it go on around us. Still others of us have to truthfully say we are a part of this because we tend to be lazy perhaps because nobody would dare call us out over it.
I know when I was having major issues around this and procrastination things go to the point that I had a mentor who was able to see revisiting this more from the angle of a childhood hang over  and we agreed to resort to spanking without exception me because anything that worked on verbal reasoning got fogged over and totally misunderstood.
It took several goes to get this burned into my critical faculties - that there were painful consequences  before I started to offer or act first  as a matter of course which has lead the odd lapse aside to considerable improvements in my attitudes and behaviours so for me spanking did help with it.
An area that is associated with is feeling tired that may not be laziness per se but coming more from feeling tired and so not included to want to help because we did not manage our own health issues by taking medication, getting in necessary sleep and maintaining general well being.
I know I've had issues with cutting out sleep for cyber life at night before now so I just lacked energy to do what I needed to do for me and any agreed chores and apart from scoldings I have had lines and spankings for.
Unless you've gone through this, you have no idea how you mess up your own life often for the least important things just for a obsession of that moment you couldn't leave alone.
That's why I think it's well worth revisiting this topic today.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Role playing?

There are times when I do feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall  of one one them is when it is people insist this thing I write about is just a role play that I elect to play some of the time.
Now it isn't that there's anything wrong of itself with role playing someone who is younger although people do argue about how far and in what context it should be if that is what you feel (and clearly there is a need as it is being met commercially).
No, it's that for some of us it is more going back in your headspace so you are responding as if you were that child or for people like me that in reality a chunk of you is always in a child-like mode and that in effect you are an adult sized child.
Now interesting at a mainstream spanking site of all places there was a link placed to an online magazine that used a actual 1936 test for Emotional Age that people such as psychologists did use to assess the emotional maturity of people as distinct from going just by chronological age.
As it happened I did it which involved answering with a Yes or No a series of twenty-five questions based on certain scenarios, a marking scheme and a calculation to convert the marks to assessed Emotional Age.
The result I got from this was shockingly close to how I had assessed in my own head my my emotional age as I know to be very truthful I am 'immature' in certain respects and not able to function at an adult level.
The test score made me 11.3 years old.  I have maintained for a good number of years I was around  10 and not older than 12 simply because I never 'felt' older, able to carry what anyone older could and it was obvious even in childhood that was so.
Now let's go back to that assertion and again consider if I am 'age playing' here or not?
NO-what is going on is the handling by the standards more of my own era of a 'child' in effect -me- by adults who of necessity have to be parental, have to do things and set boundaries, reinforcing them strictly.
That's the goddam truth.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Seeing the overall picture.

One thing I find there tends to be rather a lot about is static, stuff that somehow just sets you off in a downward trend regardless of source which may be the tense political situations  such as that over "Brexit" here in the U.K. anything connected to President Trump without getting into any actual discourse, we all know it's about or things perhaps more closer to home such as family and related issues where no one appears to be the one to dial it back.
It's one reason while I believe in being informed about what is going on in the world, I don't make a point of checking out the news hour by hour nor spending time I could be engaged in more pleasanter personal talk discussion at length such issues.
It's also a reason for spending time away from the electrons, making a point of being switched off (cellphone in pocket for emergencies only) and spending a good hour or so in the outdoors tuning in to the more calming sounds of nature, just taking your time enjoying the good that is around us rather than the other stuff that takes the headlines and front pages.
That's the trouble I feel with this totally switched on age we're living in, we're not getting a balence that goes beyond the talk of "fake news"  into areas where all we hear is discord that then slowly starts to alter how we view things and our reactions.
That's why what I've been trying to tackle this week by spending more time out and zoning out perceptual news updates.
The news is actually there's a lot of good about.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Reflections on Ghoulish Party weekend

While on the other blog an account of this weekends activities will be posted Monday because it takes time from arrival back to get it typed up to fit my publishing schedule  I will write a bit around how the week that included it went.
One of the first things I can honestly say was I actually got myself a workable plan together for both dealing with being away such as making sure I had my blog posts ready and also from the point of view of getting myself personally ready which hasn't always been good.
I managed to get the packing neatly done in good time in such as a way to help spread the load as I was bringing a bit more for the event than I usually did making a check list for the stuff so I could be sure I had it packed.
I also tried to do things in associated groups such as whole day changes being done in batches to lesson the chance of anything not making its way in and as ever sorting out money into that I'd need travelling with plenty of change and that I'd need later on.
I did remember to phone to let the person picking me up I was on my way and to pay attention to anything they were saying regarding any possible delays on their part.
Equally I was pretty helpful tidying up as needed, washing up without needing reminding and helping out in the kitchen.
I often struggle with following what is being said especially when theirs a lot background noise or other conversations going on but  I did manage to understand and use what was said pretty well this time.
As well this year I felt more junior than had before, going more with just being that little/middle. 
I think all over I did pretty good this time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

We're off!

Much of the last month or so has been a bit like this walking around the country lanes, taking in all the sounds, sights and smells of the outdoors because in a lot of way I feel I need that total experience to be at the best I can.
That's why in someway I'm not a good online buddy if you expect me to hang around  and sometimes the deficits in how I see things not least my ability to 'read' lead situations where I'm feeling very much in the headlamps, dazzled, confused and with an overriding instinct to protect myself.
I prefer more group or face to face interaction really.
It's just a couple of days before I'm off to the Ghoulish party  for a few days and back to normal but what I like about things like that is it is so much easier than managing close online relationships.