Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Back in time

A warm start to the week on the other blog after the usual discourse around different groups on Tumblr saying "If you're a friend of theirs, you can't be a friend of mine" and "if you don't join us you're a nobody who won't be allowed to go nowhere" that can get tiring.
In dealing with that and blogs listed as disrepecting others wishes blocking them, I spotted something that was rather good.
Sadly lacking original artist credits, this illustration is charming in its child-like state suggesting to me they were clearly in a regressed state of mind at the time as the writing is very much of the 'child within' lacking any adult sophistication.
That to me is very much what this thing is about whatever props we may use and however we may present-getting back to that childhood state, enjoying the moment without an adult care in the world.
In her world the teddy bears are going for a walk hand in hand caring and looking out for each other, her response to them will be that of a child.
That is why protecting littles is a very important thing because when we are in that state our adult guard isn't around so we don't do 'adult' things  and any Caregiver shouldn't push them on you.
Boundaries DO matter.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Domestic skills and the girl

It has been a damp start to the week here back at the Dorm which if you're about and on foot as I was bringing bread and that back from the stores  you'd soon notice and in a way that connects to this post and a previous one Gender Spaces. on the other blog.
Sometimes it seems to me, a good few decades of life on earth on somehow we get ourselves lost for all the very best reasons conflicting two things.
Whatever we may feel people should be able to decide fits into their own idea of gender roles, there is much to be said for spending time with the parent of the same gender because it enables them to share with you their own experiences, such as what being a girl is about because actually they've lived it and so have valuable lessons.
No amount of equality training can replace that.
It is the most natural instinct in any society for you as a child to emulate the parent of the same gender as yourself and to spend time with them and for girls that can mean making or buying similar outfits. Most of us actually enjoyed this before the gender studies people came along and said we shouldn't do this. 
Strangely enough at six or seven we do want to be a gender!
We get things wrong when we start to object to the idea a girl shouldn't be expected to learn about cooking and instead elevate the physical and academic over it not because she shouldn't learn these things too but because we fail to ensure boys are also taught and expected to help out in the home too.
Because we don't, we try to protect her by ensuring she can't be taken advantage of by saying it's not her role. The problem is we all need to this for ourselves and that includes her as well as her male siblings and so teaching nobody doesn't help. Cooking is a skill boys need too.
As many a student can recall, next to paying for food, getting the laundry done efficiently matters if everybody isn't to be suffering from stale smelling clothes so there is nothing wrong with showing your daughter how to and even having her help as some of it is bound to be hers.
The problem here is because we're so hung up about sexism and roles we start to say she shouldn't be cos it's sexist. What is sexist is not having her brother do the same, carrying some domestic 'weight' in the household and she needs to see females insisting on it.

To me in trying to fight sexism and the notion it's a females role to run the household exclusively we seem to have devalued that which just needs doing without tackling the core issue:
Putting contributing to the smooth running of the household into core responsibility of boys and men.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Paired walking edition

As is becoming frequently an occurrence on my blogs, I'm beginning by saying this post isn't being posted either in Chrome when I use the Chromebook or Pale Moon like now when I'm using my old but trusty Dell Windows Laptop  in Firefox because the browser  Pale Moon has become so unstable I cannot work efficiently with it  and Google together with Tumblr are the most effected by its tendency to lock up and go unresponsive.
When I wrote this it had been the first time since being ill I had walked along the same route as I used to take going along country roads, passing commons, clearings and yes farms and that was just over a month ago on turned out to be a pleasant late summerish day with temperatures around 23 degrees and bright sunshine.
One could notice already the beginnings of the fall as a few groups of trees had started to move toward a reddish hue although not yet  the classic oxide orangey red colour with the crispness one sees during the fall.
It felt good to pause for several minutes reflecting on the beauty around you and indeed you are actually here to appreciate it after all that happened.
Another thing I did as I felt a bit better was to go through my sock draw.
When we buy socks, they come in  pairs like our legs which go in them but for some strange reason it doesn't take much to unpair them to the point you have several odd socks so I have been going through them all methodically checking and pairing them up.
The odd ones then can be checked by a pile of odd socks near the drier for any that do match.
It also is an opportunity to remove any worn or otherwise not fitting pairs of socks while I'm about for recycling as I have been going through some of my older clothes recently.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dripping wednesday

We're still in Firefox here as Pale Moon is still playing up on its 32 bit version this week but anyway back to business .
 While it's not quite fall yet, it isn't the last days of summer either with temperatures  being lower and yes it is raining quite hard as I type this having been out delivering  Newsletters this week that thankfully came earlier than they needed to as usually its a rush job.
Thus my coat is drying in two halves, the main coat near the radiator for all over heating and the detachable furry hood right by my gas fire being turned around frequently as it takes absolutely ages to dry out otherwise.
Holding an umbrella with a bit of a breeze while carrying a bag with another hand posting the newsletters through peoples letter boxes isn't the easiest of things even if you have super co-ordination which I sure don't.
I still haven't had an appointment for a blood pressure results consulation where it should be detirmined if I need to take medication typically tablets to reduce it or not. 
To be honest I'd just sooner take something and be done cos I know it runs above the norm and given I get things like miagraines apart from be anxious that are likely to raise it above that when I'm going through them which must put additional pressure on my heart and that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Guiding Wednesday

While I'm awaiting the appointment to discuss my blood pressure results and minimize the use of the browser Pale Moon which seems to have issues with Googles sites and web services I thought I'd talk about a few things.
The first is I am continuing with my daily exercise routine to help keep me fit, maintain leg muscle and control my blood pressure as it's a recognized way of handling it.
The other is how you handle people  because there is a middle ground between indulgence and indifference when it comes to what you do for people.
 Part of what's happening with me is putting right the consequences of people either pampering to me or totally ignoring my needs discouraging attempting to do things for yourself by showing you how.
The problem with being a 'King' or 'Queen'  is you just might run out of people to  keep you in the manner you're accustomed to!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wired up edition

This week I'm on twenty-four monitoring of my blood pressure as it is high which involves me having a blue coloured strap with sensors around my right arm connected to a machine that inflates it every half hour during the day  and hourly at night that takes readings that are stored electronically.
The basic idea is to record your blood pressure across a regular  day as for a variety of reasons readings taken typically at a doctors can be higher due to anxiety or activity involved in getting there such as walking on steep hills, waiting for delayed buses and so on.
When it's done, I have to press a button and then take it to the surgery for them to read it and sort anything out such as an appointment  to discuss results and follow up stuff.
As things were there was a long wait for a bus back - over an hour - I walked back which was why it should be I stopped when the machine was due to take a reading by a prominent local church taking in the views and admiring the grave stones sat on a bench as the machine did its thing.
Walking back was appreciable quicker even for me  and counts as daily exercise apart from just the pleasure of being out of doors even wired up.
I don't appear to have any recurring symptoms from the Lyme Disease so I've just been concentrating more on just relaxing with my stuffies, reading and the like to aid my recovery as it took a lot out of me.
Because the machine woke me up overnight, I lost a fair bit of sleep so had a nap before tea and went to bed just before nine as I felt shattered.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Recovering thoughts

If I appear to be a bit behind or generally washed out it's because for the last week and a bit I have been seriously unwell, the likes of which I haven't been for a long time and in some respects the closest to death itself even so I'm kinda playing catch up even if if I need to rest more.
I'll probably know a bit more after I've been for another blood pressure test as while being treated for the other, they spotted it was high which of itself is nothing new as it's always been that way.
I mean five years ago, we went through a whole battery of tests including 24 hour monitoring and concluded there wasn't much that really could be done and I kind of expect something similar by way of an outcome.
When it comes to the other it's going to just taking things slow as I recover and without a shadow of a doubt spending more of my time in and centred on this littler time for being not just more restful but also engaging in those more positive experiences from then as I learn to adapt.
To be honest, it seems to me the more time flies the more I'm handing back chunks of what passed for adulthood not that I could fully use it and that being presumed to be didn't create more  complications in exchange for being (and being treated as) a child in effect.
Frankly there are times when I'd sooner sign a waiver for society to treat me like that across the board as that's what I can better cope with and is so much less stressful for me and would be more straightforward for most folk too as they'd know what to doing and that much better.