Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Trans politics

It hasn't been the best of reads at one discourse blog I don't follow but have on speed dial for keeping up with the background to some off the other stuff I do follow but today I am just gonna set out my opinions around this topic.
In 2019 we are hearing more of people who do not accept  physically or socially being male or female as filled out on their birth certificates or by family to which attitudes in the past have been "you're being silly" to today's which is less critical and in some circles very much at one with it.
Sexual politics is often emotionally charged  especially when it comes to gender identity to the point some people do construct notions of true transgender transitioning with the inference that anyone who doesn't meet that is not valid.
One viewpoint that goes back to the earliest days of 'treatment' is the notion that a person has to have an intense disconnect with and sense of disgust at the gender they were recorded and socialized with in order to be transexual.
In other words you feel so disgusted internally about it you have to change everything around it all of the time.
The problem I have with that is most people who have never felt remotely questioning of gender themselves don't define themselves in terms of "and I am NOT and am so glad I AM a ....(/) " so much as they just are and get on with it.
In other words A girl is a girl because she is, it is what she feels.
People do when it comes to social roles and interests differ when measured against stereotypical norms so the sporty girl or the ballet loving boy are still girl and boy respectively.
To me that's more routed in gender roles and expectations as much as sadly some people are left feeling "it would be easier if I was [insert opposite gender].
The nature of transexuality is however it's not just the leaving of the social trappings of gender but implies you also wish to leave the body you were in because you want/desire the physical form of the gender you feel you are and not just at the point of wanting to 'fit in'.
People have defied convention expressing themselves or even presenting outwardly as a gender different to the one recorded without any surgery sometimes for short periods on occasions for most of their lives.
To want surgery to align yourself permanently physical to a sex (and sexuality can come into it too)  with its own attendant risks is one area where I do feel there simply has to be more in it than just being seen outwardly as that one gender as that is literally covered up where it physically counts.
This may not be everyone's view point, am sensitive to people being 'beaten with a gender stick' in their lives but do feel treating people who don't share you own view as a some evil enemy that should be prevented from having a differing point of view on it is wrong.
It's not our opinions that cause problems it is what we do with them that actually counts and causes harm.
If having a differing view causes you such emotional discomfort that you feel you have to self injure or attempt to take your lives, yes I understand your anguish but you need help for those feelings. 
Just saying "If you say that I'll take my life" is emotionally manipulative.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Making plans an that

Things are it has to be said nothing on here that even with the weather the last week being at its coldest so far this winter I have been out for a good three quarters to a whole hour a day taking in the fresh air walking and observing things  such as several birds singing in a nest, a group flying in a V shaped formation and with the eather being mild until recently even the pussy willow being out in the local woods.
Arrangements are being made for February Littles camp where an unexpected offer of an extra free day seems to have caught a number of us with limited time off from work to take full advantage of it although if it were to be offered again I am sure that it would prove useful although to date seems likely we'll be returning in the summer to the old venue as the appropriate has taken that off the property market and is taking bookings into mid summer.
Given this is a new place we've been asked to arrive more toned down than full on little although given my Tom Boy side tends to come out that's no big deal as I'm still little in regular brogues and shorts and never had a big thing for super frilly dresses anyway.
Perhaps I should bring a catapult?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Welcome to the New Year

One begins a new year almost as it began with annuals for the year but at least some questions about the online world I do inhabit because the recent changes at Tumblr that I have talked about elsewhere do bring into mind the need to have this blog because I can only share it  privately with my BFF and at F.A which is a tiny audience for a not inconsiderable effort on my part to keep it fresh.
The same changes pose some long term questions around Tumblr and of my second account as most of people it was for are no longer around and part the reason for setting it up - being able to reference the odd minor unfriendly thing are no longer permitted.
The only account I really enjoy making  is my major Cglre sfw age regression which was the very first account I ever had and have partly remade because it's just that- a regressed spot- where I enjoy being a kid again even if the juvenile hi jinks of the odd person is an irritant.
The good news is it's no so far off first First Littles Camp of the year and we're already planning the Summer one which again is really more the stuff I need in my life than anything really adult and that makes me happier than just pounding at the keyboard.
Sometimes people don't get this thing with me, my liking of wearing things more akin to school uniform comes from the sense in which I am and visualize myself as that eternal child in the wrapper of a much bigger whole.
That whole directs me as that "eternal child" so for me everything I say and do comes from a childs space -littlespace- and so everything that happens within that is governed by what would be right for n actual child of my own era and so has nothing to do with adult services, d/s dynamics, sexual acts or thoughts and so on.
All relationships between adults and I are and remain at the paternal family parental level equating more to Parent/child than anything D/s.
It's not the hardest thing to say but a lot harder to get people to see it as it is and online the confusion leads to inappropriate following, comments and the like.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2018 review

Usually I write a bit of a review on this blog where I look at the year and where things look like they're going but I'm not so sure about that because of the recent changes at Tumblr  where I've spent a lot of my time appealing false nsfw flags and even falsely flagging an entire Tumblr.
It may be that one might go or even ultimately both do rather like in April Googles failed social media experiment, Google + goes for good and that does reduce significantly the target audience for this blog.
Something that looks set to stay is little space as in spending time expressly as a little in time spent with friends although we're set to test drive a new venue nearer to me soon because outside of all the other  stuff with me, politics around Brexit have driven me to limit so time switched off from it is a must.
It's something that oddly enough this Christmas I spoke with my younger brother with explaining why it was I had one present and which suprisingly he agreed and said that's why he models and makes things from kits and that. 
It seems for a variety of different reasons there are a good number of people taking a step out of adult concerns and instead playing even it has a 'adult disguise'.
I even looked very much little while with him saying what I did!
Something else something I don't talk about every week here and can no longer even hint at on Tumblr was part of reason this blog exists and why until things kicked off on Tumblr, there was a brief mention of is that spanking is a part of my life and a part of how of that was connected with April's  death of Susan it came back in.
That was because as I explained in last years post on her death, it was something we both talked in very open, frank, way about long before I met some of people who have been part of my life since  and some of those who accepting my need to be spanked as a little in a non sexual parental way have without fail met that need.
I am grateful for being spanked and for the first times since high school being caned for helping me realize where I was making mistakes and certainly teaching me lessons I badly needed.
One thing is for sure in 2019 being spanked and caned is very much a certainty for me because it is having the desired effect on me apart from making me feel very much that child subject to adult authority.
In that way despite personal losses, I have come on underlining why this whole combination of age regression incorporating era specific corporal punishment is so good for me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas greetings

We're getting set for Christmas here after the changes at Tumblr that meant some work on one tumblr and put paid to posting links to weekly blog entries here on it to.
I'll be taking a breaking a break from all social media unto after Christmas as there's so much ordinary stuff to do to make Christmas happen.
I'm trying an experimental tumblr knock off service that while much of the content isn't my cup of tea does at least offer a Tumblr style space to talk about being little and spanking in one spot  although the text posts don't allow for images within it like a mini blog and I could use a option not to have a recommended blog with a graphic image showing.
Different countries do have different christmas traditions and the notion of Krampus, a tradition that naughty people would not have a regular present  from Santa but say coal and spanking for their years conduct is an interesting one.
 With that I think I'll wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Last spanking week

This week will be the last full week of any spanking content on Tumblr  as after next Monday, blogs will be set to account holder only viewing and not rebloggable and no new spanking or other "nsfw" blogs will be permitted.
Equally even the tag spanking will not be accept.
So in way looking at some site this week has very much like taking a look around your town before swathes of are demolished and rebuilt.
For me this thing was a part of what was then suitable for badly behaving children that formed very much a part of your own childhood not coming from a bdsm or otherwise kink place so in some respects I feel it's miscategorized even if much commercial spanking art is from a kink setting and is.
To a point while on one tumblr it was only a tiny explanational part explaining how for me spanking comes into age regression being in the headspace an attitudes of the era I was that in, that does impact on my ability to just say how and what I am.

In that respect  feel I Tumblr is censoring me although I was and remain a fan of the opt in for access to flagged as "adult content"  system before the upcoming changes came in simply because it prevents  me from talking both past life as a child who was spanked and spanking in my life as an adult but child individual.
For me that image above is just my life then as now and while it may not be talkable at Tumblr anymore it will be here.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tumblring down the pan

A classic cartoon strip many of us can relate to that I saved while having to adjust my Tumblr due to the upcoming ban on *any* and *all* nsfw or adult material regardless of context.
I mean it's so silly that even a  tag like "trans" can get a post flagged up now like transexual people are just about wild sex so not in front of the children rather than about being the gender you feel.
Actually spanking content isn't being flagged right now although that will go soon enough however thanks to the automatic algorithm the dear residents of Moomin Valley, the people talking about chronic pain  from conditions like MS and fibromyalgia are.
"Beware of unintended consequences" was something that was drummed into us and yet this blanket ban is leading to approaches that clearly make no sense, only likely to drive away the most creative and thoughtful people off the site leaving it fot the millionth reblog of Grumpy Cat.
Why would you create fresh material to have it flagged and have to appeal it or risk just have your tumblr wiped by a glaring false positive?
Tumblr's CEO said this would make for a better positive experience for users, all I know is how emotionally triggering this is.
He lied and needs a spanking!

*Because of, this will no longer have posted links at Tumblr and I've had to remove .