Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Why my knickers are always down

Some folks argue about the effectiveness of it but often miss the point.
A thin pair of knickers doesn’t provide much protection to your bottom in all honesty, modesty maybe but hey is that what you need?
 It’s two-fold, the first being bring in you a sense of shame in having to be disciplined and allied to that is that you were no longer in control of the situation. Those things really motivate a girl to avoid getting into a spanking by being responsible and thinking about what she’s doing. Shame is quite effective, trust me and why good Caregivers and disciplinarians  take the trouble to give you that emotion.

The second is if like me you are disciplined with leather or wooden implements too, they help your disciplinarian to see you’re getting a good red bottom while looking out for any cuts or heavy bruising.
That’s why I always have my knickers taken down by those in my life who can and do spank me when I need it. It may be my birthday soon but I'm still young enough to be spanked.

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