Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Issues in AgeRe communities

Just nine day to go for I'm off so sometime next week after checking the weather forecasts I'll be in for some serious packing for the five days I'll be away although being Winter I wouldn't expect quite so much outdoor activity which give how hot it was last summer was a bit of a must.
One topic that is still rumbling around on Tumblr is the extent to which any individuals own points of view on transexual identity and politics are both acceptable and should come into anything they may do in a community such as moderate a discord server or run a community.
The idea doing the rounds implies that a person who has the view that dysphoria is necessary, questions the 75 or more quoted genders on Tumblr as actual genders not gender representations) or doesn't feel you can be non binary and either gay or lesbian is somehow unsafe to perform such a task.
To me that only would be an issue if the person was talking around specifically such issues which would strike me as being quite odd in a community of age regressors where you'd only convene to regress together  playing and talking as your younger self AND if the person was acting on such a point of view such as refusing to use your preferred pronouns, deliberate misgendering and generally being a prick.
I cannot say hand on heart whenever I regress I am thinking about gender theory, forms of sexual attraction whenever I play with my dolls or plushies nor colouring cos I know my gender and it's not an issue with who I play.
Nor would I say having been face to face with people that I have had someone push gender issues into play nor I have had cause to.
To me that's much more older student/adult conversation and debate really that doesn't belong in the regressive experience and so I feel holding such views so long as others are respected should not be seen as a bar to doing things that can help people enjoy their regression.
There are too many parallels with the witch hunt in adult LGBTQI circles going on here I feel on matters where there's no clear cut authoritative answer.
Inner kids need protection from that discourse but respected as they are.

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