Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Making plans an that

Things are it has to be said nothing on here that even with the weather the last week being at its coldest so far this winter I have been out for a good three quarters to a whole hour a day taking in the fresh air walking and observing things  such as several birds singing in a nest, a group flying in a V shaped formation and with the eather being mild until recently even the pussy willow being out in the local woods.
Arrangements are being made for February Littles camp where an unexpected offer of an extra free day seems to have caught a number of us with limited time off from work to take full advantage of it although if it were to be offered again I am sure that it would prove useful although to date seems likely we'll be returning in the summer to the old venue as the appropriate has taken that off the property market and is taking bookings into mid summer.
Given this is a new place we've been asked to arrive more toned down than full on little although given my Tom Boy side tends to come out that's no big deal as I'm still little in regular brogues and shorts and never had a big thing for super frilly dresses anyway.
Perhaps I should bring a catapult?

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